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The Assman Difference is The Way We Process our Plastic Storage Tanks

1. Rotational Molding of Polyethelene Tanks and Plastic Products Assmann manufactures polyethylene and plastic storage tanks and containers in various shapes and capacities.

2. Cooling without water allows cross-linking process to complete all the way through the polytank wall. We have separate chambers using only very high volume air movement to assure a gradual cooling of the mold and the part inside.

3. Tooling Of Plastic Storage Tanks - Assmann Does Not "Shield" Tank Walls. Assmann provides polyethylene/plastic above ground tanks for many industries. Equally important in our process is that we do not "shield" the outside of our tank molds. We exceed ASTM design hoop stress minimums for the lower sidewall and carry this wall thickness as uniformly as possible throughout the entire tank for maximum structural integrity.

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