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PVC System 1738

System 1738™ is the first engineered PVC venting system certified to UL 1738. It offers a complete certified system of pipe, fittings and cement meeting the stringent demands of the UL 1738 venting standard.

Why use UL 1738 approved venting?

Homeowners are exposed to the possibility of a life safety hazard every day, and their safety is in your hands. Historically, the plumbing and HVAC industry has not nationally regulated the use of plumbing pipes and accessories used for thermoplastic Flue Gas Venting (FGV) installations. These systems do not meet the UL 1738 safety standard for venting one of the most dangerous and silent killers: carbon monoxide.


IPEX’s System 1738 is a complete, fully tested and certified system of pipe, fittings, termination kits and cements engineered and manufactured to strict quality and performance. The safety concern today is in the use of generic DWV products, such as ABS and PVC DWV products in Flue Gas Venting applications. These products were never intended to be used in FGV applications, but they have been chosen because they are often the least expensive materials available. The NFPA 54-18 Fuel Gas Installation Code now recognizes the UL 1738 Flue Gas Venting standard.

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