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GPI - Great Plains

GPI started manufacturing flow meters for fuel measurement in the fuel transfer process. We designed a small “Electronic Digital Meter” to meet the needs of agricultural customers requiring a small, compact, hose-end meter. These meters were designed to be calibrated for viscous fluids such as herbicides and pesticides.

Soon after this introduction many non-agricultural customers began asking for an economical meter. These customers included chemical plants and manufacturing facilities. GPI’s heavy engineering background, our commitment to quality and the ability to meet the specifications of non-agricultural customers made users realize that GPI meters offer excellent quality at an affordable price.

GPI started marketing the meter line to the industrial markets and soon became a recognized supplier of flowmeter products. Soon after the meters success, the product line was expanded to include more flow ranges and sizes, fitting configurations and materials. The product line expanded to include positive displacement meters and the acquisition of a precision turbine meter company making GPI a formidable supplier to the industry.

GPI has grown to supply many markets and could be considered one of the largest producers of non-municipal meters in the US, if not the world. GPI maintains our focus of providing the highest quality metering products at a very competitive price. Our commitment to customer service after the sale is evident in our one-on-one customer service. Customers talk with a real person when calling to select meters or troubleshoot meters in the field. With shipments of most meters in 2-5 days our “promise to ship” rate is at 99.5%.

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